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Moth - 4760? - Petrophila heppneri

Moth - 4760? - Petrophila heppneri
Vanderpool, Bandera County, Texas, USA
August 8, 2010

Moved from Petrophila.

Graham, based on recent BOLD testing of some of my specimens, I am placing to species. Better late than never!

Sounds good!
Thanks for working on the mystery!


Not P. kearfottalis
As shown at MPG, P. kearfottalis is distinguished by a small black-outlined oval patch in the white background of the HW, in contrast to the salt-and-pepper speckling in this specimen. Your moth is closer to P. jaliscalis, seen here on MPG and here on BG, but doesn't quite look like the ones here in the Austin area. Yours has substantially more orange in the outer 1/4 of the FW than what I usually see. There are a couple of other species which are poorly known in Texas (e.g. P. daemonalis and P. cappsi among others). I suggest moving this image back to Petrophila genus until it can be determined better.

Will do
Thanks for the guidance, Chuck.

Thanks for the correction!
Moved from Moths.

not 4760 a Petrophila probabl
not 4760 a Petrophila probably 4773 Petrophila kearfottalis