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Parasa sp. - Parasa chloris - female

Parasa sp. - Parasa chloris - Female
Miller Canyon, Huachuca Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
August 17, 2010
Size: Forewing Length 14 mm
Elevation 5,000. ft.
Oak-Juniper Woodland.

Parasa chloris
BOLD DNA Analysis Barcode ID CMAZA965-12.

Moved from Moths.

4698 - Parasa chloris (ssp. huachuca)
I sent the photo to James Adams who responded: "This is what is currently being considered a subspecies of Parasa chloris, in other words, Parasa chloris huachuca. When the revision is done (not happening anytime real soon) it may turn out to be a species, but at present, P. chloris huachuca is the appropriate name."

It will be interesting to see by how much the DNA is divergent from that of nominate P. c. chloris. (no rsvp, thanks)