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Neospintharus With Egg Case - Rhomphaea projiciens

Neospintharus With Egg Case - Rhomphaea projiciens
Montrose, Laurens County, Georgia, USA
August 16, 2010
I suspect this to be Neospintharus, although I am not entirely sure since all I have seen before were rather lighter in color. As well, I am not sure if this is a female as I have little enough experience with this kind of spider. I note the palps seem a bit more enlarged at the ends than would be "normal" in other female spiders. Is this correct or am I just that inexperienced?

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Rhomphaea projiciens
According to Hank Guarisco, the spine at the apex of the abdomen is unique to this species.

Please let us know if that's how Dr. Parson's ID'd it and then we'll move it to the guide page. Thanks.

Also, I do think it's a female. The female we have in the guide also has thick pedipalps, but they aren't large enough to be a male.

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Just once in a while I'm compelled to comment :0)

What a great shot. I know. Those spiders are teensy.

Thank you, Cathy...
Just goes to prove that even us old geezers get a good 'un once in a while.....:-)