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mordellid - Mordellina testacea

mordellid - Mordellina testacea
Keysville, Burke County, Georgia, USA
August 19, 2010
Size: 1-2 mm

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mordellid - Mordellina testacea mordellid - Mordellina testacea

Moved from Tumbling Flower Beetles.

I can't find anything that sounds better than testacea

Thanks, Tim
I think that's my fourth new species of mordellid for BG. Who woulda thought?

hope so.
I had spent 20 minutes or so re-reading the species descriptions and keys around testacea until I was convinced there could be no other. Then, not 5 minutes after moving your tumbler, I came to another of your images which we previously said could be andreae (one of the many color variations), and it looks scary close to this one. I then re-checked the key, and these two sp. split at "elytra with markings", or "elytra unicolor". Yet some varities of andreae certainly look like what I would call unicolor.

We need a real expert for these tumblers. I've been hacking them up something bad.

M. testacea?