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Trapdoor Spider - Ummidia - male

Trapdoor Spider - Ummidia - Male
Durham County, North Carolina, USA
June 23, 2003
Size: 17 mm
Found wandering around on a road. This is a male--large pedipalps. Chilled, posed, and released. Body length about 17 mm (original photo was with a scale, edited out in this version). Looks identical to the specimen from Salisbury, NC, almost the same date in 2004.

Stephen Hall, of the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program, informs me that this is one of two species U. audouini, or U. carabivora.

Great shot!
Great shot!

trap door spider
Great shot. Scary looking dude, so glad they are so small :D.

looks like a purseweb spider
it looks like a male purseweb spider

Tanks of the spider world
Perhaps it's just me, but every time I see these spiders, I think "Tank" (as in military). Not so much in how they act, but how they look.

I concur
Ummidia has a strong depression or "saddle" on the "patella" segment of the fourth leg if my memory serves. Looks like this one has such a feature, judging by how the light reflects of its fourth "knee."

third leg, saddle-shaped.