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Long-legged spider

Long-legged spider
Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USA
March 12, 2006
Size: 3/8 inch
Unfortunately this one was found floating in a bowl in the sink but I've never seen one quite like it. I has very long legs. I was wondering if it could be a Cribellate because of the interesting underside of this little critter.

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Long-legged spider Long-legged spider Long-legged spider

eye arrangement
This image is being used in the eye arrangement article, thanks!

Thanks for the ID!

Physocyclus sp.
Nice images.

I second the compliments on the image quality. I have nothing to contribute on the identification, other than to say that Physocyclus is in the family of cellar spiders (Pholcidae).

I agree
awesome pictures.