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Vespula vidua - female

Vespula vidua - Female
North Park, Pine Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
August 26, 2010
Worker returning to a nest. The nest cavity was an old rodent burrow on the edge of a field surrounded by oak forest.

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Vespula vidua - female Vespula vidua - female

So this nest went into Septem
So this nest went into September? Interesting. The nest I got last weekend had the old queen and some workers left but all brood already hatched out. Did you ever get to dig this nest up?

It was logistically too challenging to get permission for this location.

Very nice!
Any ways of convincing you to excavate it once it becomes abandoned? Would be very fascinating : ) I would love to see photos of it, as I have never been able to study any nests from the rufa group

Not sure
The nest is still active as of today. Might not be permissible or feasible, but I'll look into it. This was my first V. rufa group nest. I'd be highly interested in excavating it if I can.

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