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unkn Red Beetle - Leptinotarsa rubiginosa

unkn Red Beetle - Leptinotarsa rubiginosa
Sycamore Canyon, Santa Cruz County, Arizona, USA
August 31, 2010
Size: ~1cm
Looked through a few pages in bugguide, but not sure to which group this belongs. Can someone ID? Looked like it was painted with red fingernail polish!

Moved from ID Request.

Leptinotarsa rubiginosa
I've been looking for this one for years

Thanks Margarethe:
It was a beautiful little beetle - enamel red no less! I hope you find yours soon.

Nice specimen!
I think that's how it goes; when you're actively looking for something, you don't find it but everyone else will happen upon one. I've been looking for a Dynastes tityus forever and it seems that everyone else just find them on sidewalks and such.