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Unknown insects - Leptoglossus phyllopus

Unknown insects - Leptoglossus phyllopus
Venice, Sarasota County, Florida, USA
March 16, 2006
Probably a total of 60 on one leaf.

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I second Sean's ID
They're definitely young hemipterans -- true bugs.

I believe they are aphids. S
I believe they are aphids. Scientific name..??

Probably Coreid nymphs
Probably coreid nymphs.
-Sean McCann

If they are in your yard,
keep an eye on them - they generally don't move far so you should be able to photograph all the life stages and get a positive ID on an adult.

Watched them for 2 days then they were gone. Guess I'll never know what they were.
Carla Finley
Venice, FL

Thank you
I stand in that same spot every day and today is the first I've seen them. I will keep an eye on them.
Carla Finley
Venice, FL