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New Hampshire Mites aboard a New Mexico Lycid - Dendrolaelaps

New Hampshire Mites aboard a New Mexico Lycid - Dendrolaelaps
Nashua, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, USA
March 17, 2006
Already posted under netwinged beetles, but I wanted to send one to the mites department as well. Amazing how they seem to recognize this netwinged beetle as (distantly) related to one they might normally prefer to ride on.

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mites on lycid
These are probably phoretic deutonymphs of the genus Dendrolaelaps, family Digamasellidae. Species in this very diverse genus commonly inhabit subcortical spaces where they prey on nematodes. They are often found riding on various beetles that inhabit, or visit decaying wood.

Lycus is normally not a wood visitor,
but I had the beetle in a container with various wood chunks and other beetles. These mites saw a brand new vehicle and hopped on for a ride.

Thanks a lot for all the ID work, Barry. From the looks of for bio you could probably ID most of the images on bugguide :-)

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