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Ichneumon Wasp? - female

Ichneumon Wasp? - Female
Vershire, Orange County, Vermont, USA
July 4, 2004
Size: ~1cm body
This wasp had a very long ovipositor, almost twice as long as the body. I browsed through Superfamily Ichneumonoidea but got totally confused.

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Ichneumon Wasp? - female Ichneumon Wasp? Closeup - female Ichneumon Wasp? Ovipositor - female Ichneumon Wasp? Wings - female Ichneumon Wasp? On fingertip - female

Ichneumon wasp - subfamily Pimplinae
Although this subfamily counts fairly less genera than Cryptinae or Ichneumoninae, a further ID is difficult at this level of magnification. or without a good knowledge of local fauna. I would only GUESS tribe Ephialtini (i.e, a genus closely related to Ephialtes).

Thanks, Richard. I would have picked the taxon Black and White with orange legs. (;-)

You and everybody else!
I would guess that 99 per cent of entomologists are in the same boat. After Richard Vernier IDed my
as Ichneumonidae: Subfamily Cryptinae, I checked in an online reference and lost count at 380 genera!