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In flight Mating Syrphidae?? - Dioprosopa clavata - male - female

In flight Mating Syrphidae?? - Dioprosopa clavata - Male Female
Plantation, Fort Lauderdale County, Florida, USA
March 20, 2006
I think these are Syrphidae any confirmation? Oh, and if you are sure about the ID, feel free place them where they belong!


Great pic. It is a pair of Pseudodoros clavatus.

I tried several times to get your photos to load with no luck.
Carla Finley
Venice, FL

I noticed the same thing
I was able to load them (after a long wait) on a high-speed network, but on dial-up at home I've had no luck as yet. I suspect there's some quirk in the format that's making it very big or very slow after the server converts it.

dial up
That is my problem. I'm on dial-up. In the country and nothing else available. They finally did load for me. I just let them keep working and went out for awhile. Nice photos.
Carla Finley
Venice, FL

File is huge, needs compression
I checked the properties on that image, and the file is much larger than necessary: 1,222,645 bytes. Charles, you need to apply some JPEG compression! Compare this image, which has a lot of detail in only 94,000 bytes:

very interesting
But I think I know why, when resizing to the proper "560 on the long side" I still only compressed the Jpeg to setting 4 out of 10 in photoshop, so I guess I will have to compress all the way down to 1 from now on.. sorry if this caused anyone some difficulty, I am first a photographer and secondly I would like to learn more about insects (I majored in molecular biology, so I only really had one zoology class LOL) I will compress them all the way down next time, and I also apologize for the poor quality of this image, I will try to get them much sharper next time!


Is it ok with you if I download your images, open them with my software, save them, and re-upload them? Your megabyte-plus image takes up 16k in my hard drive after just opening and saving.

By the way: the only thing out-of-the-ordinary I noticed when I looked at your picture was that the resolution was set to 320 dpi, which is a bit high (screen resolution is generally 72 dpi). I uploaded an image of my own at 320 dpi, but didn't get the same result- so I'm not sure if that has any significance.

Feel free to do so, Like I sa
Feel free to do so, Like I said earlier, I am a photographer, and I take these photos for my personal photo album (and sometimes to sell for magizines and books)so I have a RAW file workflow, I usually upres my images to 12-22MB files, but the reason they are at 320dpi is because I have that set as my default on my RAW conversion software for printing, I honestly don't go out shooting to post them here, I usually post them here when I need an ID or if we needed some more photos of a certain species that I can provide (when requested)but from now on, instead of using my Jpeg that I had set up for my website and/or printing, I will just work with the original RAW file and bring it down to 72dpi, 560x (whatever), and I will save it as a Jpeg Compression 1. I am sorry that my images have been too large, but I think I understand the way to make it work now, thanks for having patience with me.


It's not the compression or DPI
It's not the compression (even 4 is probably too compressed) or the DPI (irrelevant for the image file size). Something is just tacking an extra megabyte of data onto your JPEG file. Maybe you have a virus?

its just the files from my camera, they start at around 8MBs and up depending on how I shoot the photo (exposure, ISO, etc.) What I need to do is just reduce its size from the first time I process the photo in Photoshop, I don't have any viruses that I am aware of (at least that is what my Norton says) so I don't think that is it in this case, but thanks for the concern and help everyone! Oh, I will try to post another image on here using a different method of processing to see if I can get it right and to rule out other possible reasons, is there any type of insect that we need more photos of in the database?? let me know and I will try to post them.


Don't worry about the fuss- it's all worth it for your excellent images!

I have dialup at home, so I may not get it done until tonight, but so far it seems to be working

Bizarre! (not compression)
Well, it's not the compression then -- I usually use 7 in PS (I think it's a 12-point scale). And as Chuck Entz pointed out, even the thumbnail that BugGuide created is huge. Somehow there's a lot of extraneous data attached to the image file. I think you need a computer expert to solve that one.

Incidentally, I think the shot itself is great, catching them in midair like that; focus is excellent, and the detail is impressive for such a small moving subject.

They are loading fine for me.
They are loading fine for me..that is wierd and other people have commented on my other photos here, I made sure they were very small files so that they would not have long load times


Why not just crop the photo?
There's a lot of wasted space. Probably the syrphid flies alone would make a very small picture.

Conversion problems
I checked the file sizes: the thumbnail is about the same size as the main image: over a megabyte. When you upload a file, the server automatically generates not just the thumbnail, but also the image that shows on the page.

There must be something about your image format that causes the conversion routines on the server to leave them uncompressed, or perhaps include unused "extra" data.

The thumbnail file size comes out to a whopping 82 bytes per pixel (that's 2 to the 83rd possible colors!), so something's definitely wrong.

Ditto here
Loads just fine. Nice capture!

OK for me too
It loads fine for me too (though you could crop this one quit a bit). I would also guess Syrphidae, but I'm no expert.