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Buprestis striata

Buprestis striata
Belgrade, 44.5438, -69.7955, Kennebec County, Maine, USA
July 29, 2001
Size: 17 mm
At base of fire-scorched but still living White Pine.

Moved from Buprestis.

Moved from Cypriacis striata.

What monograph/revision are you using as the basis for this? Obviously different than shown in American Beetles - a comment in the Taxonomy forum would be a good place to give rationale for this kind of change.

Nomenclature Change
Phillip, Ithis is the reference that Rick Westcott gave me for the change and what he had to say about it;
I. Löbl & A. Smetana (Eds): Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera.
Volume 3. Scarabaeoidea - Scirtoidea - Dascilloidea - Buprestoidea -
Byrrhoidea. Apollo Books, Stenstrup, 690 pp.
"I cannot figure out who actually made the change. And it does not
have to be followed...yet, if Chuck Bellamy follows it for the World
Catalogue, and it is adopted by the person who is taking over
Nelson's N. Amer. (N. of Mexico) catalog work...well, I think it best
to follow."
I know this is not where this kind of comment should be posted but I could not figure out the right spot. Sorry for the late info on the change, I missplaced it and was just able to get Rick to send it to me today.

Color variation
Often you see very coppery specimens that lack the rainbow colors. I have seen many of these beetles sunning on freshly installed and still tarry telephone poles near Paw Paw, West Virginia.

Cypriacis sp. now
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