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Evergestis pallidata - Purple-backed Cabbageworm - Hodges#4897 - Evergestis pallidata

Evergestis pallidata - Purple-backed Cabbageworm - Hodges#4897 - Evergestis pallidata
Bay Center 98527 Willapa, Pacific County, Washington, USA
August 20, 2010
Size: wingspan ~25mm
wingspan ~25mm
This form does not seem to match any of the species or genera such as the common Udea around here. Of the hundreds of moth specimens of similar morphology from here, this is the first and I thnk quite unique one of this form. Of course, with over 200 species in this group (if I have it correct) I have probably just over looked it.
The sad thing is this specimen had been mounted and sent to Guelph for DNA sequencing but UPS (yes those in brown) lost the carefully double boxed batch of 150 specimens somewhere between Windsor and Kitchener, ON. They are still looking for it after two weeks.
Locality: Coastal SW Washington State at the edge of Willapa Bay geo:lat=46 37.273 ge=-123 56.8140:lon

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4897 - Evergestis pallidata
4897 - Evergestis pallidata - Purple-backed Cabbageworm

It is ... Many Thanks
I completely over looked this genus. Must be getting tired. It is a good match .. and a first for my site here. Thanks again

Shipping to Guelph
Sorry to hear that. The local Staples people could not figure out how to ship to Canada by UPS so I have been sending by standard USPS mail. No problem so far. It is about $8 for the supplied pinning box inside a slightly larger box (Staples has one that is just right.)

Thanks Mark
This would have been about the tenth box shipped via UPS to Guelph (around 2000 specimens) and up to this one all made it fine. We ship perishable product all over US and have had problems with them all. I shall go next time with USPS probably.