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Two blue bugs - Meloe

Two blue bugs - Meloe
New York, USA
I thought those were elytra on the back, but I'm not sure. Seems like a good diagnostic feature, though. The body type reminded me of a rove beetle.

Either Meloe impressus or M. americanus - most likely the former
--det. J.D. Pinto

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look like... Short-Winged Bli
look like... Short-Winged Blister Beetle - Meloe impressus

Thank you very much. I'll ha
Thank you very much. I'll have to find out the exact location, a friend sent me this photo.

then i'll show the photo to an expert; a have an idea of which sp. this could be, but it's a tough group to ID from images

Meloe sp.
pls add exact location/date for further identification

Blue bugs
My grandson and Isee these bugs every late sumer early fall in warmer weather only. They seem to like sandy spots. We live in Michigan.

I live in South Bend n we hav
I live in South Bend n we have them all over in our back yard trying to identify these bugs .