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Mini Millipede? - Underwoodia iuloides

Mini Millipede? - Underwoodia iuloides
ARNWR, Stowe, Middlesex County, Massachusetts, USA
March 26, 2006
Size: ~12mm
Under a rotting log. I think this is a millipede (2 pairs of legs per segment) but don't know anything beyond that.

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This millipede is a representative of the order Chordeumatida, and in Massachusetts, the only possibility for a smooth-bodied one lie this is Underwoodia iuloides (Harger, 1872) (Chordeumatida: Caseyidae). This species is parthenogenetic and occurs across the northern US & Canada to the Rocky Mountains (with an allopatric apparently sexual population in northeastern New Mexico!!). There is a second species west of the Rockies in Canada and the US that extends southward into the Wasatch Mts. of Utah, and a third species occurs in Far Eastern Russia.

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Millipede, yes.
I agree it is definitely a millipede, but I don't know even what family it belongs to. Very intriguing specimen.