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Bicolored Spiny Tachina Fly - Xanthoepalpus bicolor

Bicolored Spiny Tachina Fly - Xanthoepalpus bicolor
Stevens Creek County Park, Santa Clara County, California, USA
September 26, 2010
Size: ~7-9 mm
tachinid-like fly, mtn stream environment.

Moved from Flies.

my guess Xanthoepalpus bicolor -

good call
Going ahead and moving this one, since X. bicolor is the only Xanthoepalpus on BG.

Eyes are small, not even close to touching. Female?

I've been told by several folks here at BG that the eye positioning (touching is male, not touching is female) works only on syrphid flies, perhaps one or two others. I don't know that eyes can be used to determine sex for tachinid flies, but my guess would be no.