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fly - Teuchocnemis bacuntius

fly - Teuchocnemis bacuntius
Gloster Arboretum, Amite County, Mississippi, USA
March 27, 2006
Size: body length 13 mm.
Collected by Jeanell on leaf litter in bed of small creek.

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fly - Teuchocnemis bacuntius fly - Teuchocnemis bacuntius fly - Teuchocnemis bacuntius fly - Teuchocnemis bacuntius - male fly - Teuchocnemis bacuntius

Many thanks
to all of you for your comments! We are prompted to search through our image files for for other possible Syrphids.
Gayle & Jeanell

You might as well add them to your list of adventures. Please scan some more robbers this year. And I added a modification and update of Weems' Syrphid key for the east to my website G&J. You can just about always key them from your shots to genus.

Teuchocnemis bacuntius
I agree, it is clearly a male of Teuchocnemis bacuntius. VEry nice pictures!

This is a male syrphid! I don't recognise the genus right away, I think it will be something like Tropidia. But that is not sure yet, I'll dive into it later on.
Gerard Pennards

It really reminds me of an Asilid. The holow between the eyes isn't rally there though...
-Sean McCann

Then again, the wing venation seems to closely match Eristalis
-Sean McCann

Very nice!
Very interessting creature and very good photography, I would like to know what it is, too.

Syrphidae fly
of the genus Teuchocnemis and probably species bacuntius - Chen

The usual fine shots from the Louisiana bug shooters. Teuchocnemius should have a distinctive spur on the hind tibia in the male which I think you can see from the overhead shot. There are two possible species in the east as far as I can tell here from my work computer.

The spur gave
the genus away. I guessed on T. bacuntius because I have never seen a T. bacuntius in person. However, I did collect the other species T. lituratus from West Virginia. This one is slightly smaller and largely dark black in color and their wings are less patterned than T. bacuntius. - Chen

Weems has T. lituratus from only GA SC NV VA and I guess you have it from WV. T. bacuntias may be the only member in MS in that genus.