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fuzzy black and red insect - Dasymutilla vestita

fuzzy black and red insect - Dasymutilla vestita
Billings, Audubon Conservation Education Center, Yellowstone County, Montana, USA
Size: 2 cm long
Specimen showed to me on 10/10/10. Unsure of collection date.

Moved from ID Request.

Could it be Dasymutilla vestita?

Right on
Dasymutilla vestita

Date issues
Unless the specimen was captured on October 10, 2010, you should take the date out of the date field (you can put it in the remarks section if you like). That way it won't show up in searches or mapping as being present (alive and "in the wild") at that date. If it's only a few days off, though, it probably isn't worth the trouble- most people just search on on the month.

By the way: you might want to check your camera's clock setting. The EXIF data attached to your image shows a date of 10/12/2010 for when the image was taken.

Velvet Ant - Dasymutilla
It's actually a female wasp. I found a similar one in Colorado.