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Ground Beetle - Clivina pallida

Ground Beetle - Clivina pallida
Pearl River County, Mississippi, USA
October 11, 2010
Size: 4.8 mm
Clivina americana?
Id appreciated.

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Ground Beetle - Clivina pallida Ground Beetle - Clivina pallida

Clivina pallida
Clivina pallida replaces my previous speculation that this one might be have been an atypical C. impressefrons. See below.

Clivina pallida
Update 5/07/2014: This voucher specimen in the P.W.Messer collection keys out well to Clivina pallida according to Bousquet (1997) in The Coleopterists Bulletin 51(4): 343-349. Clivina pallida has distinctly reduced eye size but otherwise it superficially appears like a small C. impressefrons. Thanks Johnny for this challenging specimen.

Moved from Beetles.Thanks Blaine.

looks good...
but helps to see the presence (and number, if present) of setigerous punctures on elytra. I have tried using Ciegler's 2000 key to ID specimens from GA and it had driven me crazy. Nothing seemed to key out right, and sometimes the text seemed to contradict the key?!?

I do not see a peg on the middle tibia, so it should rule out other reddish species that have the triangular extension of the abdominal sternite.

Move to genus for now, and maybe Peter can bring it home.

Almost all Clivina
and all Dyschirius (closely related) require that the specimen be examined under microscope and run through published keys for reliable identification. The reddish coloration of forebody makes this one interesting.