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P. mystaceus - Phidippus mystaceus - female

P. mystaceus - Phidippus mystaceus - Female
Seminole, Seminole County, Oklahoma, USA
October 18, 2010
Size: 3/4"
P. mystaceus female found on my fence top rail.

Moved from Frass. Great. It's just such a perfect dorsal angle and the background is nice and clean. I'm using it here.

I've never really looked at...
the articles. Very interesting! Next time I run out of new ID pics to pore over, I'll click on over to articles. Thanks!

Info page
I'm using this on the info page too.


If you don't mind I'd like to keep this dorsal shot. I'm using it for an article. =] I just cropped it a little more. Can we move it back to the species page?

Oh sure!
I just realized there were two entries I had for females for this month, my county... just different years. If you want to keep it I have no qualms. And I'm honored you want to use it! =D