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Wolf Spider - Gladicosa gulosa - male

Wolf Spider - Gladicosa gulosa - Male
Lancaster, Worcester County, Massachusetts, USA
April 2, 2006
Size: 12mm

Tom & Jeff
maybe a Hogna gulosa??

check out the picture and description here

maybe not, but tell me what you think

If it helps, I can post other shots of this spider, showing the entire lenght of the legs, and can blow up the eye arangement.

this is def the male of [i]Ho
this is def the male of Hogna gulosa. i saw the sketches on B.J. Kaston.

Hogna gulosa
Omar, thanks for getting these Lycosids identified to species, and gender.

couldn't succefully key this guy or the other to anything. will try again at another time for sure though

i found the same on in my yard, i also took a picture of it.
im going to check on some refrences, double check with Jeff and we will have an ID!
they do look like the Gladicosa on the guide. but im not sure about that

I overlooked that one, it does look like it.

only the markings
but if you see the eye angles, they aren't the same