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Lone Star Tick - Amblyomma americanum - male

Lone Star Tick - Amblyomma americanum - Male
Fort Bragg, Cumberland County, North Carolina, USA
April 1, 2006
Size: around 4 mm
Found under my wooden garden border, which I thought was a little weird.

Southern New Jersey, June 4, 2006
After a pleasant afternoon hike in the New Jersey pinelands, my husband and I discovered about a dozen male lone star ticks between the two of us on our arms and legs. Both of us were wearing long pants, long-sleeve shirts, and hiking boots. This is very unusual as I've been hiking in wooded areas in the Mid-Atlantic region for at least 20 years and have never before found ticks on my clothes or body.

They can be unsettling! I wonder what has happened in your area to cause the jump in tick population? I wonder if you have a higher population of deer than usual?