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includes databases (list) maintained by a number of authors and covering numerous groups of Auchenorrhyncha, aphids, and two beetle families (Phalacridae, Curculionidae)

Great work but...
With great respect for the vast amount of work put into the Dmitriev web resources, I'm afraid I find the site bewildering, non-intuitive, and often not very informative. I would enjoy seeing *other* resources referenced on many Hemipteran species pages on BG (e.g. Cicadellidae, Fulgoroidea, etc.).

Fortunately, the direct links
to species pages aren't password-protected, after all (or if they were, they aren't anymore). However, they definitely changed at some point, and correcting them all manually, one at a time, will take a long time.

Here's a sample of a direct link to a species page.

direct links to species pages are all password protected
can still access sp. data via popup windows from the above link...