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Cousins? Two of Two - Trupanea wheeleri - female

Cousins? Two of Two - Trupanea wheeleri - Female
Orange County, California, USA
April 5, 2006
Size: 3-4mm
This fly and One of Two - shown separately - are similar and often look like the same insect when viewed with the naked eye. Wing markings are distinctive and different; I call this pattern "spotted".

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Cousins? Two of Two - Trupanea wheeleri - female Cousins? Two of Two - Trupanea - female

Moved from Trupanea.

Thanks, John. This is a tough genus.
Wing pattern matches the charts I didn't have when this was posted. Maybe I should check out some of my older posts.

I don't understand...
This are two different species, shot on the same day, in the same county? One is from Arizona - Or that is a different post?

Very nice work with the photos - You are an inspiration!

Sorry - sloppy posting
I made two posts at the same time/same place and "linked" them verbally but not visually. Sorry for any confusion. These were among my first good shots of small flies.

FYI, here's the "one of two post":

When you said obviously different, I thought - Not to me!

Yet confusion persists. Whose cousins live in Arizona? Surely you are not moving flies across state lines!

"Obviously different"
Often, I am perplexed as to what I and other people see. On top of that, it's also difficult to verbalize what you're looking at and how it differs from something else. Here, the difference is in the pattern on the wings. Greatly simplifying things, this specimen has one large blob, while the other doesn't.

Now as to moving across state lines:
Move people and you can violate the Mann act.
Move insects and you can violate the Bugg act. LOL!

Actually, the Arizona thing was just that Chen found a similar critter with a double large blob.

Yes, and I am especially skilled in miscommunication.
To maybe clarify, I meant to say that I now, having seen both insects, can agree that they are obviously different. Whereas before, having seen just the original pictures, I could not see the obvious difference.

I can appreciate not being able to see the difference with the unaided eye. I have some local fruit flies that I have yet to get good photos of. They are very small. There was a clever tip for getting size measurements in the general forum recently under the heading Size Matters. I may have to stalk a fruit fly so I can test it out.

I don't have to go far. One was last seen perched on my bananas in the kitchen!

Moved from Tephritis.

is the cousin of your "spotted" one - Chen

Thanks loads!
The Arizona branch of the family probably retired there to get out of the crazy California housing market. Thanks for the link to a nice photo.