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Aphodius - Aphodius stercorosus

Aphodius - Aphodius stercorosus
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 23, 2000
Size: 3.4mm
something near subgenus Blackburneus?

came to UV light

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Aphodius - Aphodius stercorosus Aphodius - Aphodius stercorosus

Blackburneus stercorosus -- det. P.E. Skelley
cool -- new one for the guide! thanks, guys.

Moved from Aphodius.

Thanks everyone! This image is a bit blurry in parts. I am working up a new (old) camera set-up (Powershot A650), and had the focal steps too big in my manual focus script. On the Ataenius imbricatus post you can actually see "ribbons" of clear and blurry regions running down the aft elytron in the full-size view. I'll try to re-image and re-post, with a better view of the front tibia, and general view in focus of the dorsum.
Thanks again,

Looks like Blackburneus; cann
Looks like Blackburneus; cannot quite see the protibial punctures but I think I can see a hint of them. Not sure (offhand) what species gets that far north, outside of A. (B.) rubeolus.