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W1 - Lagynodes - female

W1 - Lagynodes - Female
Coquitlam River Park, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
July 6, 2010
Size: 2 mm
Ex: leaf litter
Specimen not in the best shape unfortunately...

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W1 - Lagynodes - female W1 - Lagynodes - female

Moved from Ceraphronidae.

Moved from parasitic Apocrita.

Elbowed antennae inserted low on the face, an abdomen that is rounded laterally, and a pronotum that is triangular in lateral view are a few of the characteristics of this group. Both winged and wingless individuals exist. Many attack the larvae of nematocerous dipterans (e.g. gnats, craneflies, etc.) which can be found in leaf litter. This is a nice find.

See reference here.