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La Coma Unit, LRGVNWR, Hidalgo County, Texas, USA
May 21, 2009
Det. E. G. Riley, 2010

coll'ed beating re-vegetation site

spmn in the TAMUIC

Selvadius rectus?
It's the only sp. of Selvadius in Texas, according to Gordon 1985, although his map shows it in the western part of the state. The coarse, narrowly-separated pronotal punctures match. Not sure what else it could be...

Ed tends to go conservative...
...on some of his beetle dets. He also thinks there's some holes in Gordon's work...

not to mention the Mexican border so close!
Hidalgo and Cameron Counties are so close to the Mexican border that you've probably got plenty of Mexican spp. venturing across the line every now and then. Wish I had a good checklist of Mexican Coccinellidae....

Gordon's treatment of Selvadius spp. apparently based on one to five specimens per species. I know Ed has a problem with such small sample sizes...