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Grizzled Mantid - Gonatista grisea - male

Grizzled Mantid - Gonatista grisea - Male
Seminole, Pinellas County, Florida, USA
November 22, 2010
Size: 1 3/4"
On my window this morning. Temperature in the mid 60's.
Resembles a Cicada a little but it's fairly thin and these wings are nearly opaque.
The one and three-quarter inch length is to the end of the wings.

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Grizzled Mantid - Gonatista grisea - male Possible Cicada? - Gonatista grisea - male

Moved from ID Request.

Moved from ID Request.

It didn't move far :)
You may want to try again.

moving pages
Looks like I forgot how to do it.
Advanced Anheuser's no doubt.
I'll try again...
The bug is still on my window!

Anheuser's warning
one too many Busch can make a mantis look like acicada!

I think
not a cicada, how about something like Gonatista grisea (Grizzled Mantid)?

That's it.
Bingo! That's the one. Still on the screen where it was 2 hours ago.

This is a grizzled mantis. VERY cool bugs!!!

Thanks for the quick replies.
It is pretty cool.