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Scaphinotus viduus - female

Scaphinotus viduus - Female
7 Kilometers East of Paw Paw, Morgan County, West Virginia, USA
August 26, 2000
Size: 30 mm
Collected at night in a wooded ravine, on the trunk of a sugar maple tree, eating a hairy caterpillar.

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Scaphinotus viduus - female Scaphinotus viduus mandibles detail - Scaphinotus viduus - female Scaphinotus viduus - female

Olympus c4000 vs c2000
This is the same beetle as in image #43835. As much as I loved my old c2000, I have to admit the c4000 takes better pictures. You have to trust me as I have the actual specimen, but the c4000 better depicts what the beetle really looks like.

Anonymous changes?
Actually I ended up trashing the old C2000 image and replacing with higher resolution image using the C4000 (funny, now that just a few years have passed and even that latter camera with only 4 mega pixels is like something from the stone age). Thus, image #43835 is now the exact same image as the one on this page but with my original blue background. I don't mind so much that someone edited this photo but I think it would be more courteous if these types of changes were not done anonymously.

if you take requests - the guide could really use a nice detailed shot of Trichiotinus affinis and piger, especially showing the elytra.