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Liposcelis - Lepinotus

Liposcelis - Lepinotus
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
October 16, 2010

Probably Lepinotus sp. -- det. E.L. Mockford
so it's likely a new genus for the guide, Jason -- thanks! do you have access to the premises where you observed the beast? it would be lovely to have sharper pix of it, so pls keep an eye out for them tiny things

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Cool. I will keep an eye out
Cool. I will keep an eye out for it, sadly I did not keep a specimen because I assumed it was an ordinary booklouse. It was found in a washroom that I use regularily on campus at the U of Alberta and I'll collect any more that I see.

it's not that this is a rarity -- likely a cosmo home dweller -- but these things tend to have a rather patchy distr. and aren't exactly head-turners, either....
that's why i appreciate so much your taste in all things unassuming =]
you know Charlene Wood? you have to...

Oh yeah, she is a good friend
Oh yeah, she is a good friend of mine, her office is just upstairs from mine. By the way, if any microlep people are needed on this website, I would be willing to offer my services. I specialize in Archipini (worldwide), Tortricidae (Nearctic), and microleps (mostly Canadian).

!!! microlep people wanted big time !!!
pls drop me a word offline to vmarfus on gmail

doesn't strike me as a Liposcelis, to be frank...
kinda convex and skinny-legged... seems to sport wingpads, too; i'll show all of your psocids to Dr Mockford anyway

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