Identification, Images, & Information
For Insects, Spiders & Their Kin
For the United States & Canada
Resource formerly maintained by USDA(1) and extensively cited in the guide as BDWD.
One important piece of info i don't see yet at the new site is the stats summary.

Unfortunately the site has be
Unfortunately the site has been down for several months at this point, but it appears to have been mirrored:

Appears to have been resurrected...yet again! "Systema Dipterorum: Version 2.2" (Last updated: 27 March of this moment).

The link below currently brings forth the site:

Unfortunately appears to have gone defunct...yet again!
This time I was unable to find a working alternate access point.

Drat, this time it doesn't ev
Drat, this time it doesn't even go to the page that has the contact info for the new maintainer, it just 404s...

It's working again!
As of this July

A veritable Phoenix ;-)
BTW, last I checked both the links below were up & running: