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Megachilid Bee - Anthidium manicatum - female

Megachilid Bee - Anthidium manicatum - Female
Kennebunk, Maine, USA
July 8, 2004
Need Bug Eric again;10-12mm bee (w/hoverfly in background). ID by Eric as a Megachilid bee, Anthidium or Dianthidium. Thanks again..

Anthidium manicatum
It is a female.

A recently introduced (1980's
A recently introduced (1980's) bee from Eurasia....Anthidium manicatum.

This is the first record I am aware of for Maine.

I agree with Sam that it is likely a new record for Maine

Anthidium manicatum in Colorado Springs 2004
I found a male Anthidium manicatum, L = 18 mm, on Penstemon unilateralis in Colorado Springs on June 11,2004. He was an impressive fast and stop (hover) flyer. I think I found a female, too, L = 13 mm, in the same area.

Cross Reference
Can we cross-reference to this image?

Megachilid bee
This is definitely a megachilid bee, either Anthidium or Dianthidium. There is apparently a recently introduced species that is becoming more abundant in the eastern U.S., and my bet is on that species. Square-headed wasps (Sphecidae: Crabroninae) are much smaller, and generally narrower. They do sport similar color patterns, though.

Anthidium manicatum
It is a female Anthidium manicatum. They really have made themselves
comfortable here in Colorado Springs this year. In 2006 they showed up on June 2 on dark blue flowers like Salvia nemorosa, Lupinus hartwegi, and Glechoma hederacea.

Looks like a Square-headed Wasp, Crossocerus ambiguus