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tiny click - Paradonus pectoralis

tiny click - Paradonus pectoralis
Medford, (~25 miles east of Philadelphia, PA) Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
June 23, 2010
Size: 2.3mm
usually any small click beetle I get is Conoderus bellus, but this looks like something different. Certainly a new one for me. Suggestions welcome :)

I used a new camera set-up (A650) with this one, but I can re-shoot with a slightly better set-up (S5) for beetles this size if required.

came to UV light.

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tiny click - Paradonus pectoralis tiny click - Paradonus pectoralis tiny click - Paradonus pectoralis

Hey Tim,

Any way of seeing a more straight-on dorsal shot, to better see the pronotal angles and carina? In P. pectoralis, the carina should be straight, but at these angles it looks curved. The color pattern is c/w P. pectoralis, but most species canbe variably colored. There are a few species in the NJ area, too. I am sure it is an illusion of the angle of the specimen, but cannot be sure from this slighly off-set angle.

An interesting note about Paradonus. If this turns out to be P. pectoralis, than it will be the only true P. pectoralis on BG other than the specimen from MA. The series of images from NM and CA are certainly a different species, as pectoralis as currently described (Stibick, 1990) does not occur that far west or south.

Do you have any extra specimen(s) you can send for voucher ID?


dorsal added
Hi Blaine,

I added a better dorsal of the pronotum. Let me know if that doesn't do it or you'd like anything else.

This is the one and only one of these I've seen so far, but if you'd like it, I'll gladly ship it to you for voucher ID. D&A describes it as "common", so I guess it should turn up eventually again.


P. pectoralis
still seems like the best bet, thanks for adding this additional pic. According to the revision by Stibick (1990), with the description of new species formerly in pectoralis, apparently the true pectoralis is not all that common :).

I would like this species, but do not want you to part with it, if it is the only voucher in your collection. But keep your eyes open for more (and other clickers, too :)...I can return the favor with GA mordellids if you like, if my local fauna interests you :)

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