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big-legged beetle - Neoclytus senilis

big-legged beetle - Neoclytus senilis
Key Largo, Monroe County, Florida, USA
April 5, 2006
Size: about 8 mm
On wall of motel at night. Puny front legs and monster middle and hind legs - weird.

Thanks for correcting me. What are the best ways to tell Clytus, Neoclytus, and Xylotrechus apart?

well ...
probably tough to do from photos of live material - I'm guessing it would be easier to recognize the sp.

Thanks for your help. I guess I had better start studying them:-)

I think it is in the genus Xylotrechus. Maybe even species Xylotrechus sagittatus. It looks very similar to this photo:

Thanks, Matthew
Xylotrechus looks good so I moved the image there

another option
see Neoclytus - from the Florida website; Neoclytus cordifer

Aai yi yi!
That looks even better - thanks Phillip! The elytral pattern shown in the link you gave is identical to my specimen. Image moved from Xylotrechus page to new species page.