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Aquatic dryopoid beetles (Coleoptera) of the United States
By Brown H.P.
USEPA Water Poll. Control Res. Ser., Vol. 6. ix+82 pp., 1972
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An illustrated key is given for all known species of adult dryopoid beetles of the United States which have aquatic stages and might be useful as indicators of water quality. A key is also given to the genera of larvae.

For each species the known habitat and range are given. Life histories are briefly outlined and methods for collection, preservation, storage and identification are suggested. Two new species, Optioservus ozarkensis Collier and Optioservus sandersoni Collier, are described.

The genera included in the keys are:

Elmidae--Tribe Larini: Lara, Phanocerus; Tribe Elmini: Ampumixis, Ancyronyx, Atractelmis, Cleptelmis, Cylloepus, Dubiraphia, Elsianus, Gonielmis, Heterelmis, Heterlimnius, Hexacylloepus, Macronychus, Microcylloepus, Narpus, Neocylloepus, Neoelmis, Optioservus, Ordobrevia, Oulimnius, Promoresia, Rhizelmis, Stenelmis, Zaitzevia
Dryopidae--Dryops, Helichus, Pelonomus
Limnichidae--Limnichinae: Limnichus, Lutrochus, Physemus
Psephenidae--Eubriinae: Acneus, Dicranopselaphus, Ectopria; Eubrianacinae: Eubrianax; Psepheninae: Psephenus
Ptilodactylidae--Anchycteis, Anchytarsus, Stenocolus.

The bibliography includes selected useful references in addition to the literature cited.

Brown, H.P. 1972. Aquatic dryopoid beetles (Coleoptera) of the United States. Biota of Freshwater Ecosystems: Identification Manual, no. 6. Water Pollution Control Research Series, EPA, Washington, D.C. ix + 82 pp.