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Reviewing contributors' comments

This is to follow up on the idea suggested by =v= here, to keep track of who has taken care of reviewing which contributor's comments. He wrote:

"i went thru all the comments of Bob Anderson, Steve Gaimari, Owen Lonsdale, Charlie O'Brien, Proctos, Dave Smith, and Bill Warner (several new taxa fished out, dozens of abandoned images moved) -- so there is no more work processing their pre-11/21/2010 comments. To avoid duplication, we have to identify the experts who leave IDs without moving the images, and coordinate who shall review whom based on our familiarity with guide sections and individual experts. Opening a separate thread on the Editors' Forum to report progress may be a good idea. Seeing on which page the commented item is sitting next to the listed comment would be a dream come true."

As of today, I have reviewed all of the comments made by:

Ray Fisher (mites)
Victor Kolyada (proctotrupids etc.) [whoops, I see now that =v= had already done the pre-11/21 ones]
Chris Borkent (mycetophilids etc.)
Valery A. Korneyev (tephritids etc.) [question for =v= here]
Paul Dennehy (moths)
Terry Harrison (microleps)
Jan Metlevski (noctuoids) -- back through Dec. 2006

never fails to amaze me...
every single time i survey, rather randomly, our experts' comments, new-to-BG species/genera pop up here and there...
great site.

zero adult images on "Parasitica" page!!
something to celebrate.
still ca. 50 pix at Cynipoidea and Chalcidoidea each, and a couple of dozen @ Ichneumonoidea -- but that kind of things is to be expected, and what a difference from the situation a year ago!
thanks all.

Ben Coulter moved, like, 400 salticid images...
...over the last few days; what a feat! i had no idea there were ~50 pages of thumbs unsorted past family... (1000-odd pix to go)
>600 unIDed Phidippus as of now -- i wonder how many will be there after the fam. page has been cleaned up...
can't think of any other genus on BG with comparable statistics; are there any???

I don't know, but
based on this I can see why so many stay at genus level. 60 species x 2 sexes x however many instars = yikes

This would actually make a good photo project
I hope to try my hand at some limited salticid rearing from young instars to document changes in appearance as they age this year (if I have enough time). Jay Barnes really set a great example with those Phidippus series from a few years ago, and I think that striving to get this information for as many species as is feasible could be extremely fruitful.

impressive indeed...

Almost as impressive... Ben for taking on the gargantuan feat of wading through all those pages of accumulated images! Just wanted to add my own note of thanks for his recent efforts.

Thanks Ben!

the 'parasitic Apocryta' page... all but empty, thanks to our Proctos (now -- at last! -- much less anonymous)
any ideas who might tackle the chalcidoids & friends?

A wasp generalist?

This may be an out-of-the-ordinary request, but I need a "wasp generalist" to read over an article that I've written for a children's magazine called Ranger Rick, published by the National Wildlife Federation. The editors at BugGuide have been so helpful with other matters that I felt this was the natural place to go to find someone who could help with this piece. The article is short and simple--covering just a few of the basic types of wasp--and would take only about 20 minutes to read over for accuracy. Anyone willing, or know anyone who might be?

Gerry Bishop
Contributing Editor
Editor in Chief Emeritus
Ranger Rick Magazine

Wowza... Ranger Rick
I read that every (week/month... can't remember how often it came) as a kid. One of the many things that helped get me into nature.

Where is the page that needs proof read?
I would have emailed you about it, but you have none listed

I'll send a message to
Vespula Vulgaris, a wasp editor.

the only thing that comes to mind...
Bob Carlson sometimes makes IDs that he attributes to an anonymous friend who specializes in chalcids... you might ask him if he can get his friend to peruse the images.

He told me once that the friend is nearing retirement but currently still too busy trying to get other work published.

Proctos suggests...
...engaging the folks from

Seems promising, but
I just tried registering on that site, and got this message: "The e-mail address you entered is not allowed to be used." Not sure what to do about that.

Some sites
don't like the free emails that aren't tied to a service provider and therefore anonymous (Hotmail, Gmail, etc). Try a Comcast or Verizon address.

Other address
I tried my Hampshire College address and the system told me my address was too short! They're mighty picky--and yet the fourth post on the Chalcidoidea forum is about Viagra. I don't have any other email accounts. Hopefully someone with an acceptable address can log in there and recruit some folks to take a look at our images.

please do not reply to this comment
i'd like to keep it editable and update regularly

As of the date shown in the title, the following experts' comments have been taken care of (unless they are editors who move images by themselves):
Kenneth Ahlstrom · Robert Anderson · John Ascher · Thomas Atkinson · J&J Balabans · Kevin Barber · Brad Barnd · Joshua Basham · Keith Bayless · Robert Beiriger · Paul Beuk · Wes Bicha · Orland Blanchard Jr. · Jeff Boettner · Boldyrev · Jason Botz · Clive Bowman · Matthew Bowser · Jeff Bradshaw · Brian Brown · Adam Brunke · Matthias Buck · Boris Bueche · Matt Buffington · Valerie Bugh · Zack Burington · Alan Burke · Trevor Burt · Rick Buss · Andy Calderwood · Rob Cannings · John Carlson · Robert Carlson · Chris Carlton · John Carr · Michael Caterino · Bob Zuparko · Don Chandler [1] · Don Chandler [2] · Joe Cicero · Hans Clebsch · Ken Collins · Ben Coulter · Greg Courtney · Gregory Curler · Tripp Davenport · Bill Dean · Anthony Deczynski · Jacob den Heyer · Joseph DeSisto · Torsten Dikow · Jason Dombroskie · Hume Douglas · Daniel Duran [old acc't] · Daniel Duran · Eric Eaton · Charley Eiseman · Taro Eldredge · John Epler · Terry Erwin · Jens Esser · Art Evans · Zack Falin · Lynn Faust · Nick Fensler · Mike Ferro · Eric Fisher · Jason Forbes · George Foster · Steve Gaimari · Gary Gibson · Joel Gibson · Matt Gimmel · Christine Goforth · Jesús Gómez-Zurita · Chris Grinter · Jeff Gruber · Frank Guarnieri · Grey Gustafson · Dennis Haines · Gene Hall · Andy Hamilton · Guy Hanley · Curt Harden · Phillip Harpootlian · Charles J Hart · Martin Hauser · Marshal Hedin · Maury Heiman · Solomon Hendrix · Derek Hennen · John Heraty · Natalie Hernandez · Henry Hespenheide · Chris Ho · Brian Holt · Heidi Hopkins · Jonathan Hoskins · Mandy Howe · Keng-Lou James Hung · Wesley Hunting · Frans Janssens · Andrew Jensen · Joshua Jones · Kojun Kanda · Kyle Kandilian · Fran Keller · WonGun Kim · Jonas King · Joel Kits · Kyle Kittelberger · Alexander H Knudson · Victor Kolyada · Valery Korneyev · Delbert La Rue · Norman Lavers · John Leavengood · Dennis Lehmkuhl · James Liebherr · Jongok Lim · Tim Loh · Owen Lonsdale · Cristiano Lopes-Andrade · Nathan Lord · Stephen Luk · Ted MacRae · David Maddison · Crystal Maier · C.G. Majka · György Makranczy · Blaine Mathison · Adriean Mayor · Tommy McElrath · Tristan McKnight · Javier Mercado · Peter Messer · Chris Mallory · Jan Metlevski · Meredith Miller · Laura Miller · Kevin Moran · Brendan O. Morris · Tim Moyer · Mark Muegge · Bill Murphy · Tom Murray · Steve Nanz · Alfred Newton · Allen Norrbom · Charlie O'Brien · Barry O'Connor · Jane O'Donnell · John Oswald · Robert Otto · Steve Paiero · Thomas Pape · Abigail Parker · MJ Paulsen · Gerard Pennards · Ryan Perry · Claude Pilon · Matthew Pintar · John Plakidas · Marc Pollet · Darren Pollock · Ovidiu Popovici · Gareth Powell · Emilian Pricop · Heather Proctor · Mike Quinn · Herschel Raney · Brady Richards · David Rider · Ed Riley · Roger Rohrbeck · Dave Ruiter · Bjoern Rulik · Arturo Santos · Jade Savage · Lynette Schimming · Kyle Schnepp · Jeffrey W. Shultz · Aaron Schusteff · Schwartz · SeqWrens · Rowland Shelley · Andrew Short · Ray Simpson · Paul Skelley · Jeff Skevington · Dave Smith · Aaron Smith · Andrew Smith · Gordon Snelling · Villu Soon · John Stanard · Gary Steck · Wayne Steffens · Warren Steiner · Charles Stephen · Ian Stocks · Daniel Swanson · Ian Swift · Steve Taylor · Claude Tessier · Margaret Thayer · A.W. Thomas · Mike Thomas · Chris Thompson · Terry Thormin · Bruce Tilden · Alexey Tishechkin · James Trager · Edward Trammel · Isabelle Vea · Nikita Vikhrev · George Waldren · Dave Walter · Bill Warner · Larry Watrous · Sam Wells · Rick Westcott · Terry Wheeler · Alex Wild · Kipling Will · Kevin Williams · Isaac Winkler · Shaun Winterton · Hartmut Wisch · Ken Wolgemuth · Charlene Wood · Norm Woodley · Reese Worthington · A.J. Woznica · Jonathan Wright · Doug Yanega · Matt Yoder · Yoo · Andrew Young · Chen Young · Dan Young · Diane Young · Artjom Zaitsev · Miles Zhang · BlastCat

· · ·

tangentially related...
James Trager is not one whose comments should be monitored (he makes pages and moves pics himself) -- this is simply to acknowledge his fantastic work taking care of BG ant section, with the number of fam.-level images down an order of magnitude vs a year ago [Charley would know the numbers], and ~50 spp. added to the guide. Great to have him on the team.


a moth guy to watch
Jason J. Dombroskie told me he will gladly work on BG micromoth holdings -- which is great news; he's very busy now drafting his thesis but will no doubt become an active IDer soon, so i suggest someone more lep-oriented than yours truly put Jason under surveillance

We think Jason also knows his caterpillars,
so we will watch out for his comments there if we can sweet talk him into looking.


thanks for starting this thread, Charley
i was putting together a list of those whose comments i've thoroughly reviewed in the course of the last two weeks, and intend to monitor in the future [ca. 40 names]. i've been in touch with Dr Korneyev (not recently, though) and have drafted a sort of job order for him weeks ago, but want to [and will] run it past Martin first.

I will be responsible for keeping up with comments from...
John Oswald (neuropterans) [I've finished reviewing all the comments for 2010... will delve into the earlier years as I find the time.]

Eric Fisher (asilids) [I'm just starting on this, but there aren't too many comments... shouldn't take me long.]

I'd like to try and tackle Andy Hamilton too, but this is a big project. Anyone else currently reviewing his comments?

If nobody's looking at Andy's comments,
maybe we could divide them up among several reviewers. I'd be willing to take a share.

i can monitor Andy Hamilton's activity
a week ago i went back to over a year worth of his comments; there is no new ones for me as of this moment.

Working on
Frans Janssens' comments in Collembola. Just a heads-up to avoid duplication of effort.

EDIT: All 33 pages of comments reviewed as of Dec. 12. One new genus and three new species pages created (a fourth species page is possible pending Frans' answer to an inquiry), and a dozen or so images moved to existing pages.

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