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Geotrupe egeriei - Geotrupes egeriei

Geotrupe egeriei - Geotrupes egeriei
Tuckahoe State Park, Caroline County, Maryland, USA
July 23, 2005
Size: 15 mm
Collected at UV and MV lights. Please note: you must first obtain a permit to collect insects in Maryland State Parks and Forests.

ID tips
ID'd with the help of Phillip Harpootlian. Sutural striae end at the scutellum which excludes G. hornii and G. balyi. Punctate striae exclude G. semiopacus. Body is very broad, almost circular, as compared to the more elongated G. blackburnii (look at how the distance between the humeral angles is about equal to the total length of the elytra). G. splendidus can also be rather broad, but not quite so much as G. egeriei and is usually more brightly colored.

Doesn't really show, but the elytral striae are more brightly colored. The shot of the live specimen gives a slightly better idea of the very convex shape.