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Supertribe Lasiopteridi

vein gall - Neolasioptera impatientifolia Morning glory stem gall - Neolasioptera convolvuli Cecidomyiidae, puparium? - Neolasioptera eupatorii Asteromyia carbonifera - Asteromyia modesta Cecidomyiidae galls (Tall Thoroughwort) - Neolasioptera perfoliata Unid Leafminer Gsru2 - Asteromyia Unid Leafminer Gsg1 - Asteromyia carbonifera Neolasioptera lycopi - female

Gall on Grape Leaves - Vitisiella Fly from folded clover leaves - Dasineura trifolii Largish Galls on Wild Grape leaf - Vitisiella brevicauda Rabdophaga strobiloides - Willow Pinecone Gall Midge? - Rabdophaga strobiloides Willow Pinecone Gall - Rabdophaga strobiloides Dasineura salicifoliae - male Flower galls? on stinging nettle - Dasineura Leaf Vein Gall ID [=Dasineura parthenocissi?] Request - Dasineura parthenocissi

Help Please ??? Cecidomyiid hatched from Stem Gall on scrub oak - Lasioptera Lasioptera vitis - female Cecidomyiidae, gall on Goldenrod, larger emergent hole - Lasioptera solidaginis Gall on Goldenrod, smaller emergent hole - Lasioptera solidaginis larva - Lasioptera solidaginis Lasioptera ephedrae Lasioptera - male

Cecidomyiidae, gall on Lead Plant, larva - Rhopalomyia undescribed-species-on-amorpha Rhopalomyia anthophila larvae + parasitoid - Rhopalomyia anthophila Coyote Brush Bud Gall Midge - Rhopalomyia californica Midge flower gall - Rhopalomyia anthophila Rabbitbrush Gall - Rhopalomyia chrysothamni Goldenrod stem with multiple rosette galls - Rhopalomyia solidaginis Cecidomyiidae, galls on Lead plant leaves/leaf veins - Rhopalomyia undescribed-species-on-amorpha Pedicelled galls on Euthamia graminifolia - Rhopalomyia pedicellata - female

Galls? - Acericecis ocellaris Gall - Acericecis ocellaris Ocellate Gall Midge - Acericecis ocellaris Ocellate Gall Midge - older galls? - Acericecis ocellaris Ocellate Gall Midge - Acericecis ocellaris Round spot - Acericecis ocellaris Maple Leaf Spot Gall - Acericecis ocellaris Durham NC MLS leaf miner on Acer nigrum maybe D27 2015 4 - Acericecis ocellaris