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Supertribe Lasiopteridi

Galls on Blackberry Leaves - Neolasioptera farinosa Cecidomyiidae, Jewel weed gall - Neolasioptera impatientifolia Horseweed *Gall* ID Request - Asteromyia modesta Cecidomyiidae, stem galls on Mountain Mint - Neolasioptera undescribed-species-on-pycnanthemum Unid Leafminer Gsc1 - Asteromyia carbonifera Neolasioptera farinosa - male Grass deformity - Astictoneura muhlenbergiae Cecidomyiidae, Sanicula - Neolasioptera

Gall Maker - Rabdophaga gall - Rabdophaga rigidae Larva in gall on ash leaf - Dasineura pellex Galls on leaf edges, oak Smooth waxy growths or bug eggs on bottoms of just two leaves out of three grape vines growing side by side. South Central PA - Vitisiella brevicauda Cecidomyiidae, dorsal - Dasineura - female Dasineura parthenocissi - female Dasineura ex Krigia virginica - Dasineura - male

ephedra antisyphyllitica gall - Lasioptera ephedrae Cecidomyiid hatched from Stem Gall on scrub oak - Lasioptera Lasioptera vitis - female Cecidomyiidae, gall on Goldenrod, larger emergent hole - Lasioptera solidaginis Gall on Goldenrod, opened - Lasioptera solidaginis Lasioptera ephedrae Wild rye cecidomyiid - Hybolasioptera elymi Wild rye cecidomyiid - Hybolasioptera elymi

Rhopalomyia anthophila  - Rhopalomyia anthophila - male Adult fly emerging from pupal case - Rhopalomyia solidaginis Rhopalomyia hirtipes, spent pupal case - Rhopalomyia hirtipes fuzzy leaf galls on Artemisia serrata - Rhopalomyia Gall - Rhopalomyia Cecidomyiidae, aster gall - Rhopalomyia Cecidomyiidae, perhaps Rhopalomyia medusa - Rhopalomyia Gall - Rhopalomyia lobata

Galls? - Acericecis ocellaris Galls on red maple - Acericecis ocellaris Ocellate Gall Midge - Acericecis ocellaris There are four spots - Acericecis ocellaris Maple Leaf Spot Gall - Acericecis ocellaris Durham NC MLS leaf miner on Acer nigrum maybe D27 2015 2 - Acericecis ocellaris Durham NC MLS leaf miner on Acer nigrum maybe D27 2015 3 - Acericecis ocellaris St. Andrews leaf gall on Acer rubrum SA_G100 2017 1 - Acericecis ocellaris