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stalked eggs

stalked eggs
Donalds, Abbeville County, South Carolina, USA
December 17, 2010
mantidfly eggs? on a dead leaf in the forest leaf litter.

Moved from Mantidflies.

Moved from ID Request. Yup! Nice find. The stalks are too short, and the eggs too numerous, to be green lacewing eggs. I have yet to see a mantidfly in person, at any life stage.

Thank you for the confirmation!

Far as I know only lacewings make those stalked eggs (mantid eggs are in big, hard, frothy-looking masses).

mantidfly - in the order Neur
mantidfly - in the order Neuroptera


Don't feel bad
That was my first reaction, too.
Very neat picture. I would love to find something like this.

I was amazed the first time I
I was amazed the first time I saw one - they look like some sort of weird chimera! I thought these looked closest to the mantidfly eggs I saw on this site.

that'll teach me...
to actually look it up in Charlie Eiseman's book and not go by memory. Yes, they look far more mantisfly like. Would love to see a live one; very cool-looking bugs.