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Argiope - Argiope aurantia

Argiope - Argiope aurantia
Springfield, Virginia, USA
July 12, 2004
It appears to be a species of argiope. It was mostly gray in color with brownish markings. It was hiding on a zigzag patterned web amongst the dense leaves of an orchid. I think there is an egg sac underneath the spider. Any help in identifying is appreciated.

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Wrapped prey
Forgot to mention that's not an egg sac... it's a silk-wrapped prey item that it's no doubt feeding upon.

As always...
Thanks for the info!

Young Black and Yellow Argiope
This is an immature Argiope aurantia. When young, their stabilimentum appears as in your photo. As they mature, they adopt the vertical zigzag pattern. Here's another I photographed which shows a transitional stabilimentum: