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leafminer - Cameraria

leafminer - Cameraria
Algonquin Park: Preston Twp.: portage between Chipmunk Lake and Booth Lake, Nipissing Dist., Ontario, Canada
September 3, 2003
on Betula alleghaniensis

Cameraria on Betulaceae
Braun (1908) characterizes the mine of C. lentella as being "easily distinguished from that of any other species of the flat group [i.e., Cameraria] by the numerous longitudinal folds in the loosened epidermis at maturity, causing the opposite halves of the leaf to approach one another." There is nothing like that going on with the mine in this photo. Speaking of C. betulivora, Braun said, "The mine is a small, sometimes almost circular, blotch upon the upper side of the leaf." Likewise, that doesn't fit here. The two remaining Betulaceae-feeding Cameraria species, C. corylisella and C. ostryarella, are very similar in all particulars, including the form of the leaf mine. So, your moth is one or the other of those two spp. The mine in your photo looks exactly like that of C. ostryarella on Ostrya.

Thanks for the ID, much appre
Thanks for the ID, much appreciated!

Moved from Unidentified Leaf Mines.
Guessing Cameraria lentella, but need to look into this further.

Thanks for digging through my
Thanks for digging through my massive pile of leaf mines and galls. Much appreciated!