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Renia - Renia salusalis - male

Renia - Renia salusalis - Male
Land O' Lakes, Pasco County, Florida, USA
March 28, 2006
flushed from ground in woods; Renia adspergillus?


Thanks, Steve
I had failed to record the identity of this one in my database, so it's just as well that I didn't.
I've posted a pic of another moth shot in the same location on the same day as the above, among the same catkins. Could it be the other sex, or is it a different species?
I've forgotten a lot...
(I uploaded another version of the above pic [the original was a bit blown out], showing the complete catkin)

ID Info
The short blunt labial palpi is apparently diagnostic for male salusalis. In general male Renia have shorter palpi than females but not nearly this short. The palpi tend to curve upward and back. Females tend to have the palpi project forward with the last segment splayed. Your other moth is a female. I don't know what it is.

Strong Possibility....
... I wouldn't hesitate to call it that. I doubt that 100% certainty exists for the majority of photos of Renias. They seem always to fit several possibilities.

Okay, thanks
I'll move this one to the species page.