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Copris minutus

Copris minutus
Medford, Burlington County, New Jersey, USA
April 15, 2006
Size: 11mm
drawn to porchlight - lots of horses around my place, but no cows

Horse dung is certainly not as 'attractive' as cow or even better yet, pig dung, but it does feed many spp. On the other hand several Aphodiines are strict deer dung feeders.

deer dung bait?
Occasionally I find some deer dung around my place. If I tried to use it as bait would you suggest placing it directly in a pitfall
trap or would suspending it over a pitfall be better?


I usually just place the deer dung directly into a pitfall - most of the deer dung feeders are fall-spring spp. though, since deer dung dries out too quickly in the summer. Try it and they will come!