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Large weevil - Otiorhynchus ligustici

Large weevil - Otiorhynchus ligustici
South Dundas, Ontario, Canada
May 25, 2010
Size: 12-14mm
Sorry, the images are overexposed, but I rarely come across curculionids this large and am curious.

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Large weevil - Otiorhynchus ligustici Large weevil - Otiorhynchus ligustici

new sp. for the guide -- thanks!!
another eurotramp, wildly common where i grew up

Moved from ID Request.

Would other views of this critter be useful? It's in my freezer, waiting to be pinned. I can take more pictures later.

would be wonderful
although there are plentiful pix webwide, but hardly any from NA -- so pls exert yourself ))
a good dorsal and a lateral would be enough -- this is a distinctive beast, at least to my eye

When I finally get on top of my school work and have a moment, I'll get some photos. And yes, it IS distinctive - I'd just never seen one in the flesh before!

your blog says, introd'd in the '30s --
what's the source of that date? a recent treatment says, first found in Canada ca. 1965(1)


It's an exerpt from another document, but I don't have access to the original.

Oh, here's one better: an '09 paper from American Entomologist with a good overview of the introduction. Seems it's been in NA as early as the 1890's! The date for detection in Canada that you provided sounds right, though.

much obliged!

My pleasure.
I've decided to drop OMAFRA a quick note as well, just in case they are interested to know it's (albeit slightly) outside the known range.

I found it on a Ontario Minis
I found it on a Ontario Ministry of Agriculture website; it said it was originally detected in NY state in '33. I'll pull up the reference.