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Insect star shaped gallery in conifer wood - Ips

Insect star shaped gallery in conifer wood - Ips
Rocky Mountain National Park County, Colorado, USA
August 3, 2007
in conifer wood - more than one species involved?

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This is certainly an Ips gallery. If I were to guess I would say I. pini.

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Yes, these are galleries of polygamous bark beetles, as =v= suggested, with each of the radiating channels carved by a different female. A bark beetle specialist has been visiting from time to time, so you just might get a species level ID. It might help if you knew what species of conifer this was.

there is a good chance it was Lodgepole Pine
Charlie - there is a good chance it was Lodgepole Pine, Pinus contorta. There was a lot of it dead in the area. It is on the west side of Rocky Mountain NP in the Kawuneeche Valley. Quite a bit of Subalpine fir here also but the pines had really taken a hit. thanks again - Rob

look like bark beetle galleries
as far as i can tell, the 'hub' is the mating chamber from where ovipositing galleries radiate, maybe built by a different female each; the ovoid chambers are where the pupation occurs. an expert would be able to tell genus or even species from this pattern.

Thanks a bunch
We were wondering if this is the Pine Bark Beetle that is having an outbreak and killing large numbers of pines in the park?