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Phidippus pius - Phidippus - female

Phidippus pius - Phidippus - Female
Portal, Cochise County, Arizona, USA
Size: 1/2 inch
This the frist brown-yellow female I got it from a friend from Arizona.

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Phidippus pius - Phidippus - female Phidippus pius - Phidippus - female Phidippus pius - Phidippus - female Phidippus pius - Phidippus - female 5th Instar - Phidippus 5th Instar - Phidippus 5th Instar - Phidippus 5th Instar - Phidippus

Moved from Phidippus.

Moved from Phidippus pius.

not Phidippus pius
This brown spider with green chelicerae is definitely not Phidippus pius. Phidippus pius adults have iridescent blue on the distal portion of the chelicerae, and females have no dark pigmentation on the legs which are uniform in coloration.

Thank you Dr. Hill
I've been looking for any possible past mistakes and I came across this image. It definately does not compare favorably to the other P. pius images. I shouldn't have even attempted to identify this spider to species. I appreciate you pointing out the details of why you feel that this is not a P. pius. It will be moved to the Phidippus page.

Possibly P. morpheus
I had asked Dr. G.B. Edwards for his opinion on this spider as well. He says that he isn't sure of the species, but it may be a P. morpheus. He also said that the spiderlings remind him of P. carneus spiderlings.

P. pius
This individual and the other appear to be P. pius. There are only three species that have these color scales over the entire dorsum: P. pius, apacheanus, and tyrannus. P. pius is the only one with the pale venter. It would be helpful if you could post the ventral image.

If it didn't originally come from San Francisco, It's best not to put that in the City/Location, County or State fields. If you put anything, put the information on where it was captured (if it was born in captivity, leave those fields blank).

Otherwise, someone might think your spider was representative of Phidippidus in the wild in San Francisco, and the automatic maps shown under the Data tab would have wrong information.

Thanks for the advice!! I changed the correct info.