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Wanzenverzeichnis: Heteroptera Wish List [genera]

Сomments -- and especially image submissions! -- are most welcome.°
Brady Richards is largely responsible for initiating the whole thing by posting his wish list of aquatic/semiaquatic taxa(1) (included below). Dan Swanson did all the work with the Reduviidae, Coreidae, Alydidae, Aradidae, Anthocoridae, Enicocephalidae, and provided input on a number of other taxa. Kim WonGun did the hardest part: the Miridae, with almost 140 genera. Don Thomas provided comments on pentatomid genera; Laura Miller, on the tingids. Joe Eger helped with the shield bugs.
My sincere thanks to all these friends and colleagues.

Missing families are marked (*); non-native genera are in brackets.

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Alienates barberi AZ
Boreostolus americanus CO CA
Brevidorsus arizonensis AZ
Lysenicocephalus chemsaki San Antonio, TX


Schizoptera bispina FL

Hesperoctenes (bat ectoparasites)


Eusolenophora divisa FL
Plochiocoris comptulus TX

Haematosiphon inodora
Synxenoderus comosus

Acaciacoris TX
Acetropis OR
Actinocoris n
Adenostomocoris CA
Allorhinocoris WA-CA
Ambracius TX
Arctostaphylocoris w (AZ OR CA)
Aurantiocoris w
Autumnimiris sw
Beckocoris NV
Bisulcopsallus sw
Brachyceratocoris NV
Brachynotocoris UT DC NY
Cariniocoris e
Chaetomiris CA
Chlamyopsallus CA
Coniferocoris w
Conostethus nc
Crassomiris OR-CA
Cyrtocapsus FL
Cyrtopeltis TX
Cyrtorhinus e
Deraeocapsus CA
Dolichomiris FL TX
Fieberocapsus nw
Galbinocoris AZ TX
Guerrerocoris MS-AR
Hambletoniola TX
Heidemanniella AZ
Hesperophylum AZ e
Hoplomachus CO
Hyalochloria FL
Hyalopsallus FL
Icodema ?
Insulaphylus sCA Channel Is.
Jobertus ?
Klopicoris CA
Knightopiella NV CA
Knightopsallus AZ
Larinocerus CA NV TX
Maculamiris s.CA
Miomonalonion CA
Monosynamma n
Neoborops CO AZ
Nesidocoris MN CA
Nevadocoris NV
Nicholia AZ
Opistheurista e
Pachypeltocoris MO
Phymatopsallus sw
Pinomiris sw
Plesiodema e
Presidiomiris TX
Pruneocoris CA NV
Pseudoloxops ON
Pycnoderella VA
Pygovepres w
Quercophylus CA
Renodaeus TX
Rubellomiris CA
Rubeospineus CA
Salicopsallus AZ CA
Sixeonotopsis TX
Squamocoris sw
Stethoconus MD DC
Sthenaridea FL TX
Sthenarus ne TX
Stictopsallus AZ CA
Strobilocapsus CA
Strophopoda CA
Sysinas NY
Tannerocoris nw
Texocoris e
Tuponia CA
Vanduzeephylus w
Wetmorea AZ

Emesopsis nubilus FL [one record]
Tagalis inornata cubensis FL, probably established

Xylastodoris luteolus FL

Phymacysta tumida TX

Aphleboderrhis pubescens TX [we have placeholder images]

Orsillacis producta AZ

Mayana ramosa nw

Cordillonotus stellatus BC-CA
Orphnotrechus slateri NM (descr.)
Paraheraeus eximius AZ(2)
Spinigernotus simulatus NM TX holotype

Amblyomia bifasciata "western states" (possibly misidentification)

Chorosoma josifovi ID-OR-NV deserts

Amyssonotum rastratum TX

(comments by D.B. Thomas)
Podopinae (mosquito abatement practices may have decimated these rare bugs):
Allopodops mississippiensis
Neapodops floridanus
Notopodops omani
Neopharnus FL Keys
Runibia TX (few records)

Neocrophius heidemanni
Images added here:, at the suggestion of Graham Montgomery. But I could only place them at the family level. So if somebody could add the proper genus/species, the images should be moved.
Identification occurred here:

Thanks, Ellen!

Cyphopelta has been added
by James Bailey and Zeropamera by C&T Van Loon

thanks, updated . . . things sometimes fall thru cracks
looks like i just forgot to update the desiderata

PS hopefully just added Buchananiella

∈≡ you so did ≡∋

Schaffneria added

no more aquatics
Husseyella, Neocorixa, and Oravelia photos added

profuse thanks for the great job on BG

Pages with photos for Centrocorisa and Morphocorixa; Pseodocorixa is a synonym of Morphocorixa


I'd love to help,
But are there any common names/descriptions for some of the things that you're looking for that could be found in the Eastern United States? So far Nepomorpha and Gerromorpha look like a variety of bugs found in and near water. Cimicomorpha and Lygaeioidea look like thin ovals that appear to have wings, 6 legs, antennas, and different patterns. Pentatomoidea seems to have the body shape of stink bugs. I'm a little worried that anything I'll submit to the ID Request will be very hit and miss with what is being looked for. Also, are there any angles you're looking for when it comes to pictures besides of the back, underside, and side?

Synaptonecta added

Macrovelia hornii added

colossal. thanx.

Rheumatobates added

Cligenes distinctus

made my day, Brad.

Corixidae: Micronecta

super. much appreciated!!

just added here; i wish we could put these "wish-lists" in their own forum

There is one
The way the Photo Focus Groups forum was originally proposed was as a combination of the wish list idea with the articles section: coordinated campaigns to get images of a specific group, with the results presented in that forum topic.

In practice, though the way we've been using it is pretty much the same as the wish lists. The only problem with putting everything in the Photo Focus Groups forum is that very few people know about it, and fewer participate.

i've never visited there, not once: was sure it's about some aspects of photography...

thanks again, Brad
links to all the wish-lists are provided in my profile

One less mirid genus here.

thanks for reporting this, Brad.

breaking news: bug family off the list, courtesy Zack Falin
he also sent in pix of a new-to-BG microphysid genus(2) and adult ceratocombids(3)

high-yield day...
Tim Loh is decimating the corixid & saldid parts of the list... Thanks!

Hesperotingis: a lacebug genus off the list
courtesy Dr Miller, who has also posted photos showing diagnostic features of two Corythucha spp.

Source for Leptopodidae?

University of Wisconsin-Madison apparently has specimens of Patapius spinosus and unknown Leptopodids; might someone there be willing and able to submit images, or permit pics to be taken?

thanks for the hint--
i'll be pestering the colleagues nearcticwide about the missing bugs... and we have great BG contributors from UW-Madison, too

Delving more deeply, I see that they have unidentified polyctenids and schizopterids, as well as some gerrids we're looking for, the corixid Rhamphocorixa acuminata, the cimicid Cimexopsis nyctalis, and more.

a gorgeous mirid, posted by Thomas of Baltimore City

2 scutellerid genera added to the guide
courtesy Jason Dombroskie

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