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Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA
February 19, 2011
Size: approx. 4 mm

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Symphyla Symphyla Symphyla

Moved from Symphylans.

Family Scutigerellidae.
Of the two North American families of Symphylans, Scutigerellidae are recognized by having rather large and posteriorly rounded dorsal scuta, in contrast to the small and or pointed scuta of Scolopendrellids. This is likely a species of Scutigerella, although I can't see clearly the terminal scuta.

Image added
I don't know if there is enough detail in this photo, but I added it just in case. It looks like a U-shaped groove to me.

that helps, I think :)
The key I'm looking at (Edwards, 1990(1)) states for Scutigerella: "with deep cavity beneath middle of caudal margin of last scutum between cerci; overlapped by posterior margin of last scutum; last scutum more or less emarginate.", and Hanseniella as without such. Hanseniella also apparently has a convex posterior margin of the second scuta (a sideways "D") while that of Scutigerella is somewhat more concave (a gentle sideways "B"?). I haven't visually compared a lot of photographs, but with everything I'm seeing I'm leaning more strongly towards Scutigerella now.

I'll let you move it if you feel sufficiently confident of the genus.