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Weevil - Anthonomus

Weevil - Anthonomus
Pearl River County, Mississippi, USA
February 28, 2011
Size: ~2mm w/o rostrum
Id appreciated.

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Weevil - Anthonomus Weevil - Anthonomus

W.E. Clark: "I should know this, but need a microscope"
John, would you be willing to sent it to Dr Clark?

Moved from Anthonomini.

I will see if I still have this specimen,some I sent
Chris Werle for the collection at the southern hort. lab but do not
know right off hand and not maintaining enough labeled vials
is a failure on my part but will look in some of the batched
ones I have and try and locate,may not be right away,got
home late and probably leaving again real soon.Thanks
as always.

ok, no rush
have a rest

I looked through what I have and cant come up
with this one but sure I will run across another for photo voucher at
some point.